C-Panty High Waist C-Section Recovery Panty in Black

by C-panty

Item #10070-02

For those that long for their pre-pregnant shape and like the feeling of more support at the abdomen, the C-Panty High Waist C-Section Recovery Panty offers gentle compression to the navel area with a more modest cut.

Includes: C-Panty's signature silicone panel along with their anatomically designed compression address both the incision area as well as compression for post-baby belly.

For those days that you long for a pre-pregnant shape! Pull-on and go recovery care AND post-baby shaping without the bulk of a binder. Pants hurt? Also soothes and protects the midsection from irritating waistbands.

The C-Panty High Waist C-Section Recovery Panty is seamless, cut to just below the ribs with a full rear and has a gentle waistband. Incision care, comfort and slimming.

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Average Ratings: 4.2 / 5 ( 26 reviews )
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26 customers rated this product 4.2 out of 5.0
The Cut Incision Care part of the panty amazingly covered the exact C-section spot on my tummy! Such precision to begin with is impressive. Without the panty, I was afraid to move around a lot. I took extra care in bending forward or sidewards but with the panty on, the support and confidence it gave me increased such that I don't cringe at the slightest pain due to movement or now, have less reserves about moving a lot around. Recovering really, really well with the support it is providing. :)
Reviewer Status: Nursing a one-month old newborn, C-section delivery

This has been really great! I hated the binder as the bottom ends kept poking my wound site whenever I sit down. With this I have no worries about it as its one smooth piece. However I find the addition of the extra patch for the wound is not necessary as my wound site has its own cover for now, and the normal ms-panty might just do the trick, and it's cheaper..
Reviewer Status: Nursing newborn, e-csect, post 1 week

If you're between sizes, go with the smaller one. I chose the bigger one. I can still wear it but a bit loose at the bottom and the C section patch is not quite hitting my scar. But it's made of good quality material with comfortable compression (not as tight as a binder). I still wear a binder on top of this for firmer abdomen support.
Reviewer Status: 3.5 weeks post surgery

On days that I don't want to wear the cextra ompression belt, I think this serves as a great alternative as it is surprisingly comfortable and helps with supporting the post surgery wound.
Reviewer Status: Nursing a 7 weeks baby

Was comfortable and gave gentle support, I do wish it had more compression on the tummy area though. Did not roll down and was not too hot when I wore it under jeans.
Reviewer Status: nursing a 3.5 month old

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