Mothers En Vogue In the Clouds Nursing Bra in Bark

by Mothers En Vogue

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The In the Clouds Nursing Bra is designed with a three-quarter cup to provide more coverage and support. The deeper plunge in the center makes this ideal for wearing under deep and wide necklines. Beautiful lace detail gives you a touch of sexiness.
  • Thin and seamless moulded cups provide precise shaping and lift - perfect for wearing under t-shirts.
  • Underside of cups (that touches your skin) is lined with 100% cotton jersey and completely stitch-free for optimum comfort.
  • Nursing panel is made of 100% cotton jersey - completely natural and comfortable material next to your skin.
  • Non under-wired. Nursing clips for drop cup access.
Average Ratings: 4.3 / 5 ( 5 reviews )
SGD 9.00
List Price: SGD 59.90

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5 customers rated this product 4.3 out of 5.0
Cup size is larger than normal. Recommend to go down by one size when purchasing. Very pretty fabric. Molded cup is slightly thicker than what I expected but this is not a deal breaker.

I have to qualify that I have not started using this, but I'm not sure about this one. The design is nice but the material seems like it might not hold its shape.
Reviewer Status: 32 weeks pregnant

Brilliant and comfortable! Only bra that doesn't caused blocked ducts for me, provided adequate support and yet look so pretty!

Sexy looking bra. Becareful on the padding as it dent easily.
Reviewer Status: 8 month Pregnant

Suitable for mothers with fuller breast.
Reviewer Status: Baby due in 2 weeks time

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