AbdoMend Support Belt & Strap in Nude

by Abdomend

Item #10125-01

When worn during pregnancy, the AbdoMend™ c-section support belt and strap can reduce stretch marks and offers comfortable support to both lower back and tummy. The 100% cotton AbdoMend™ c section support belt and strap can be worn immediately after cesarean delivery, or other abdominal surgeries. As you recover from a c-section, the AbdoMend™ unique design gives you immediate support to move with confidence, while reducing the pain. Get the support you need and deserve!

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SGD 59.00
List Price: SGD 99.00

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Size Belly Measurement Width of Belt Approx Weight
Petite 24-32 inches 6.5 inch wide 105-125 lbs
Small 32-38 inches 6.5 inch wide 125-140 lbs
Medium 38-46 inches 8 inch wide 140-160 lbs
Large 46-52 inches 10 inch wide 160-180 lbs

For belly measurement, please measure around the area where the surgery will take place

If you are in between sizes, please choose the smaller size.