Mombodfitness Maternity FITSplint in Black

by Mombodfitness

Item #10203-01

Stay fit, active and more comfortable during pregnancy with the help of the versatile Maternity FITsplint . An all-in-one maternity support belt that provides general belly, back, ligament and bladder support. Works great as a jogging and exercise belt. Breathable, flexible, slim fitting and fully adjustable! Whether you are dealing with diastasis recti, bladder pressure, back discomfort or just need proper support while jogging through pregnancy, the Maternity FITsplint can provide the custom fit you need!

See photos for three ways to wear:

*Wear down low for hip support or gently lift belly with both straps for bladder relief;

*Wear one strap up high for more belly support during exercise such as jogging;

*For diastasis recti support, place both straps across the belly button.

SGD 38.00
List Price: SGD 67.00

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Item Size Your Size (pre-pregnancy waist)
S 24-29 in.
M 30-36 in.
L 37-43 in.