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Bamboo Charcoal: The Belly-Melting Breakthrough For New Moms

UpSpring’s Charcoal Fusion High Waist Panty combines cutting-edge bamboo charcoal fiber technology with moderate medical-grade compression to help you lose inches and slim your figure.

Our belly-slimming panty is made with bamboo charcoal fiber, one of the latest breakthroughs in natural health and wellness. Bamboo charcoal contains unique therapeutic properties that help to increase blood flow, which can then increase circulation and metabolism to help you lose inches faster after baby.

Why Charcoal Fusion High Waist Panty?
  • Bamboo charcoal fibers increase circulation naturally and help raise metabolism so you can burn more calories
  • Slims belly and waist
  • Reduces swelling, inflammation and bloating
  • Comfortable high waist panty with smoothing, moderate compression
  • Machine washable and latex-free
  • Recommended by OBGYNs

Tradition Meets Technology

For centuries moms have been wrapping their post baby bellies to help lose weight after delivery. Tradition meets technology now with the Charcoal Fusion High Waist Panty with custom bamboo charcoal fibers that increase circulation, raise metabolism and slim your post baby belly.

Bamboo charcoal is produced by burning bamboo at 1500° F. The resulting charcoal is then ground into fine nano-particles, fused with polyester, and spun into fiber. Bamboo charcoal naturally emits far infrared light. When infrared light interacts with the heat of your body, it helps to increase blood flow, speed healing, and reduce swelling. This therapeutic effect is above and beyond the beneficial effects of compression alone.

Due to hygenic reasons, there is no return or exchange on this item


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15% off orders over $200 with coupon code GLOW15

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Item Size Waist(in)
S/M 25-30
L/XL 31-36
Based on post-natal pant size.

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