3 Simple Steps to Measure Your Bra Size

This is a must-read for you if like me, you've been automatically reaching for the same bra size for years, never giving it a second thought until pregnancy made your bras too tight.
Even in early pregnancy your body has already kicked into hormonal high gear preparing itself for the major undertaking of bringing forth and sustaining new life.  Breast tenderness quickly progresses to increased fullness and by the second and third trimester, you've transformed into your curviest self ever.  At this point, if you're still squeezing in to your pre-pregnancy bras, you may find them stretched out and your pre-pregnancy underwire bras suddenly feel unbearable.
The second trimester is typically when you start shopping for maternity bras.  Don't simply shop according to your pre-pregnancy bra size or assume  that one size up will be suitable.  It's important to know your true size and get a well fitting bra that will provide you the comfort and support you need as your breasts go through much change. There are several methods recommended to measure bra size.  In our experience, the method detailed in our video above which requires 3 measurements is the most accurate way to measure.
Here's a recap of how to measure:
1 Band Measurement
Take all measurements in inches.  Measure high around your chest above your breasts under your arm pits.  Round the measurement to the nearest even number.  This is your band size.