Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband Basic - Sold Out
Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband Basic - Sold Out

Ingrid & Isabel

Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband Basic - Sold Out

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A basic maternity band designed to hold up unbuttoned pants and loose maternity wear.

  • Allows you to wear your unbuttoned pre-pregnancy pants longer (and no one has to know)
  • Works from early pregnancy to after baby arrives
  • Soft, seamless knit construction with 360 degree stretch
  • Recovers to original shape after washing
  • Comparison between Bellaband and Bellaband Basic
    Bellaband Bellaband Basic
    Performance Best hold Good hold
    Technology Seamless 360 degree stretch Seamless 360 degree stretch
    Fabric Luxurious knit, soft and plus Lightweight knit, soft and smooth
    Stability Silicone strip holds band firmly in place No silicone strip, may need adjusting
    Coverage Complete belly Partial belly
    Sizing Four sizes: 1,2,3,4 Three sizes: S/M, M/L, L/XL
    Price S$39 S$27