LaVie Lactation Massager
LaVie Lactation Massager
LaVie Lactation Massager
LaVie Lactation Massager


LaVie Lactation Massager

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LaVie Relieves Pain and Restores Your Flow

The LaVie Lactation Massager™ is a milk expression tool that helps improve milk flow and relieve pain caused by engorgement, plugged ducts and other breastfeeding symptoms. Developed in collaboration with IBCLCs, it's unique shape and multiple vibration modes, combined with our step-by-step care plan, make the Lactation Massager the perfect tool to restore your milk flow.

Benefits of using LaVie massager

  • Relief from plugged ducts and engorgement
  • Faster milk letdown
  • Improved milk flow
  • Increased pumping output
  • Empties the breast faster
  • Softens the breast for better latching

How to use LaVie Lactation Massager

  • Stimulate the breast with the wide side to improve letdown and soften the breast for latching
  • Use the narrow tip to empty faster and work out stubborn plugged ducts that can lead to mastitis
  • Reduce engorgement and move milk more effectively with the scoop edge

Features of LaVie Massager

  • Waterproof to use during shower
  • Rechargeable USB/Power Supply
  • Soft on skin and ergonomic to hold
  • Medical Grade Silicone and BPA Free
  • Multiple vibration modes
  • Travel bag included

Delivery within Singapore

LaVie Lactation Massager is available for same-day delivery, including delivery to hospital. Please contact us via whatsapp if you need it urgently

Questions about LaVie Massager

If you have any questions about this product, please contact us using the links below. We can help!