Is it too late to fix my diastasis?

Is it too late to fix my diastasis recti?


Dear allemom, 

I happened upon your diastasis recti splint.  I had never heard of diastasis recti before but that must be the reason my tummy always has a bulge.  I’m not a new mum by any means.  My babies are grown up already.  Is it too late to start now?


Nope, it's never too late to close your diastasis.

Dear F.,

(And anyone else who is wondering if it’s too late.)

I too have asked the same question of my baby-stretched core.  It’s never too late.  Your core has been holding you up every day from the day you sat up, and you’ll be needing it to keep on doing everything you love to do.  It’s always a good time to start showing it some love.  Whether you’re in your 3rd trimester dealing with abdominal separation or you’re lived with it for years, you will see results when you put your heart into it.  To get started, check out our article: The Baby Bulge: The Real Cause and the Real Cure.