Swaddling creates a womb-like comfort that helps babies to sleep better and longer, but are you concerned about baby overheating?  We found a swaddle solution that's ideal for Singapore's climate.  Embe makes the world's only legs in & legs out swaddles.  Embe's patented design allows you to choose whether to swaddle with legs in our out.  Science says, it's actually your feet (not head) that's best at getting rid of excess heat in the body. 

Developed in partnership with medical doctors, NICU nurses and physical therapists, Embe is a safe sleep solution that helps baby sleep better, longer & healthier!  

  • Designed Hip-Healthy by International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • No-rise neckline implemented for SIDS Safety
  • No loose cloth to cover nose & mouth
  • No unraveling, made of 100% Cotton Jersey

Embe makes swaddling easy with the no-breakout design that means baby stays securely tucked in.  Diaper changes can be done without unswaddling and disturbing baby.