Baby Carriers

Babywearing is an essential part of our parenting journey, and when our babies grow up, we look back and realize how many priceless memories we made taking on life together! 

Baby wraps, slings & unstructured carriers such as Baby K'tan are a great choice for newborns and younger infants as they facilitate kangaroo care and make on-demand nursing easier. 

Structured baby carriers are designed for ergonomic carrying and can comfortably accomodate a wider age range and more variety of carrying positions.  The structured carriers that we select at Allemom can be used from newborn to 4 yrs (3-20 kg).  Their adjustability makes these carriers easy to share between caring partners.  They are extremely well-made and will last for more than one child.

Ergobaby and Baby Tula are two of the most popular structured baby carrier brands in the world, with rave reviews from thousands of happy parents.  They share many essential features in common including having great versatility in carrying positions. 

How do you choose between Ergobaby and Baby Tula? 

See our article for a more detailed comparison between Ergobaby carriers and Baby Tula Carriers.


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