What is Silverette?

Silverette Silver Nursing Cups Your Nipples Will Thank You

What’s Silverette?

If you’re a first time mom and the first to breastfeed among your friends, you may not have heard of Silverette.  But if you’re in the company of breastfeeding moms, chances are they’ve already told you that you absolutely need a pair of these.

So what’s the excitement about Silverette? Why is it on the must have list of every new mom?  Why did one mom weep for joy when her husband ordered a box of Silverette to be sent directly to her in hospital?

The healing properties of Silver

Nips are sensitive and cracked nipples made grown women who recently conquered childbirth cry more than once.  These “funny tinfoil hats,” as one mom calls them, are made of pure 925 Silver and will rehabilitate your sore nipples. While the effectiveness of Silverette at soothing wounded nipples seems magical, it’s actually straightforward science. The healing properties of silver are well known and it has been used in wound care for centuries as a natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent.  NASA created a lightweight water purifier for their space missions using silver ions. 

The anatomical shape of Silverette protects the areola and sensitive nipples from getting compressed.  Silverette is the only brand in the world that has this patented shape.  They are like shields for your nips!  Those in the throes of nipple soreness would know that this is no overkill.  There are times when your nips are so raw and sensitive that it hurts for anything, even the fabric of your softest pj top to brush against them.  When they’re feeling like that, protection is most welcome.  Silverette gives your nipples the environment and space to heal.  Keep them in place with a sleep bra.

How to use Silverette

Wear Silverette over your nipples whenever you’re not breastfeeding.  To use Silverette to treat sore nipples, place a few drops of breastmilk in the cup before you wear Silverette.  That’s it.

One pair is all you need

If like me, you’re all for elegant, no-waste solutions, Silverette is your BFF.  One pair will last your entire breastfeeding journey for all your children.  Silverette takes the place of creams and ointments.  Its natural properties   so you’ll save lots in the long run.    When you’re finished with nursing, you can even recycle your Silverette by turning it into a keepsake pendant.  They’re 925 Silver, after all!  Contact us for details.

Gift Silverette!

Silverette is a wonderful way to lift the spirits of a new mother and encourage her in her nursing journey. Select the gift box option and we’ll make sure it arrives in style.