How soon after a C-section can I wear C-Panty and wear a belly wrap?

How soon after a c-section can I wear c-panty and a belly wrap?

How soon after a c-section can I wear C-Panty?

C-Panty for C-section Recovery was designed by a medical team to provide just the right level of compression to provide support and  promote healing after a cesarean section.  You can wear C-Panty immediately after you’ve had a cesarean section, but cover the silicone panel with a pad until your incision site has closed.  Once your incision site has closed, you can wear C-Panty with the silicone panel over your wound site to promote healing, calm irritation and reduce scarring.

How soon after a c-section can I wear a belly wrap? 

You can start wearing a belly wrap as soon as you deliver.  It’s important that you select a belly wrap that does not irritate your incision site.  Some belly wraps have more texture or more structure that may irritate your wound.  We recommend the Belly Bandit Bamboo Belly Wrap for the greatest comfort after surgery.  The band is covered with soft bamboo fabric (t-shirt like material).  

It’s always best to check with your doctor if you’re unsure of what’s safe after your c-section.

What else can I do to soothe my c-section scar?

Motherlove Organic C-section Cream is great balm to help soothe discomfort and promote healing.  It should also be applied to your c-section scar after the wound has closed.  Don’t use the cream at the same time as C-Panty though as C-Panty's silicone panel is designed to work alone.